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Board of Directors

2021 Officers

Saundra T. Bishop                 Chairman

Susan H. Comrie                   Vice Chairman

Tamela Reid                          Secretary

Pasty Collins                         Chief Financial Officer

Lynette Cameron                  Treasurer

Mary Ann Greene                 Chairman Emeritus

Reba Cox Long                     Founding Chairman Emeritus

2021 Members

Capril Anderson    

Saundra T. Bishop  

Lynette Cameron 

Cheryl Chisholm

Tatangla Coleman

Katherine Collier (Chapter President) 

Patsy Collins 

Susan Hall Comrie

Barbara Rudd Gross

Cheryl Mason (Program Chairman)  

Linda McClellan (Scholarship Chairman)

Sudonna Moss 

Eldora Prentiss

Martha Pruden-Hamiter

Tamela Reid 

Cassandra Roy  

Gloria Wilkerson (Chapter Treasurer)

Pre-Pandemic Activities & Events TIHF Supported

Our Mission

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