Board of Directors


Saundra T. Bishop                           Chairman

Susan H. Comrie                             Vice Chairman

Whitney Moore-White                    Secretary

Pasty Collins                                   Chief Financial Officer

Margaret H. McCauley                   Treasurer

Mary Ann Greene                          Chairman Emeritus

Reba Cox Long                              Founding Chairman Emeritus

2020 Members

Capril Anderson   

Saundra T. Bishop 

Lynette Cameron

Cheryl Chisholm

Katherine Collier 

Patsy Collins

Tatangela Coleman

Susan H. Comrie

C. Suzanne Cutter (Chapter Treasurer)

Caprice Grigsby-Smith (Chapter President)

Cheryl Mason (First Vice President)

Margaret McCauley

Whitney Moore-White (Scholarship Chairman)

Sudonna Moss

Martha Pruden-Hamiter

Tamela Reid

Cassandra Roy 


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